Time spanned
August 18th - February 14th, 4062
Troy Martin
Varius: Clustoria (unfinished, being written as a "wikibook" :P)
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The 1.5thnd book in the Blasterman series, Varius takes place from August 4061 to February 4062.

SPOILER: Gur Inevhf, nybat jvgu gjb bgure fuvcf gung zlfgrevbhfyl qvfnccrnerq, jvyy or frra va Oynfgrezna: Gur Zvavfrevrf.



  • Book started.


  • Temporarily halted while I finish Blasterman Adventures. (Sometime in February)
  • Added another few pages while I was stumped on the all-powerful "what next?" question with BM:AD. (April 11)
  • Started on Chapter 3: Final Stretch. Page 17 now. (June 15)
  • Started editing any mistakes. Spellcheck must be done manually, many BU words are not in the dictionary. (June 16)
  • Almost six months after the finishing of Varius, I've started writing the freely available Varius: Clustoria spin-off story. (December 6)


  • Released as a PDF! (April 1)


Varius is done and ready to be printed and sold.

Book numberEdit

At first, Varius was to be the third book. TTSOB was the first, BSOS was the second. But after those two books became obsolete and part of the Old Blasterman Universe, Varius' timeline was shifted around and put between (and overlapping) the two Blasterman Adventures books.

Blasterman Books

Available online: Blasterman Adventures - Varius - Varius: Clustoria*

Not yet available: Blasterman Adventures 2

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