Transdimensional technology is the core technological innovation of the 41st century. Discovered by the FUS scientist Ambrose Felton in the Ahambrian Arm in the year 3819, transdimensional technology is a mechanism by which objects in normal space can be rotated through dimensions that do not technically exist in the universe we experience. This rotation can have several effects, including:

  • apparent disappearance (the object temporarily exists only in the alternate dimension but may still travel relative to the "real" dimensional space, allowing it to bypass obstacles)
  • faster than light travel (the object is rotated into a dimension with no distance metric, allowing it to rotate back into normal space at almost any position) through either pure shifts or fields
  • exchange heat (the object is partially rotated into an alternate dimension only through its infrared spectrum, allowing the object to dump excess heat into a different universe, violating the laws of thermodynamics)

Transdimensional technology uses extraordinary amounts of energy to deploy, often requiring anti-matter power plants or the like, such as a warp reactor. It has been hypothesized that there may be a dimension that consists solely of energy, however, and if this is true then it may be possible to create a rotation matrix that performs both its normal function (say, FTL) and collect energy from the other dimension, consequently operating at no cost. This seems very unlikely, but if it ever proved to be possible it would change everything.

Transdimensional FTL travel is attained through a pure shift between dimensions (instantaneous travel) or field layers (each layer increases in both power requirements and velocity attained through them.) Warp fields are used to pull and fold the fabric of time, moving spacecraft at extremely high speeds.

Transdimensional fields produce saroinium as a byproduct that clings to the fields.

Uses: Transdimensional torpedoes, beamers etc.