Mostly thought up on the battlefield by desperate captains, the following tactics are proven FUS methods of sneakily doing space combat.

  • Life Bomb - An escape pod is loaded with transdimensional torpedo warheads, activated, and launched. Kilathians have a habit of picking up enemy escape pods as prisoners. When the pod is brought inside the ship, the warheads detonate, destroying the "captors."
  • Sandpat Manoeuver - Fire an EM pulse from an MPBG on a high-band, rotating frequency at a ship that just dropped out of warp, dropping their shields for a few seconds.
  • Anti-Gravity Shockwave - Can be used to either collapse an unstable wormhole or to cause one to form. A quick-reflexed officer can form a wormhole in the position of an enemy vessel and then collapse it to destroy the vessel completely.