Sr is the New Elemental name for Saroinium (sar-oh-in-ee-um.) Saroinium is a byproduct of a transdimensional field. Saroinium is highly explosive when mixed with duogen and is planned to be used during self-destruct by flooding a compartment containing large amounts saroinium with duogen gas from a reactor's storage tank.

Saroinium is collected in special magnetic storage containers and must always be stored, when on a starship, in jettisonable areas. Saroinium containers are always jettisoned out of a starship before any possible leakage of duogen.

Magnetic fields can store saroinium gas. Saroinium gas radiates a form of energy that can be used to charge laser weapons. Saroinium energy is extremely dangerous and, if used correctly, can destroy an entire Kilathian battlesphere.