The ancient Qyain'Zo species, native to Qyain'Vek, created massive gate rings in space to instantly teleport their ships to other systems around their galaxies. The first gates were discovered in asteroid fields in the Sorron and Golsed systems, and later became the basis for warpgate technology, yet mostly at a smaller scale.

Current Known GatesEdit

System Gate type
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Sorron Qyain'Zo
Sparta Modern
Faloin Modern
Dredles Modern
Sector 172 Modern
Brakarba Modern
Sersa Modern
Lyryos Modern
Core System Q'Z G & Normal
Clustoria Q'Z Galactic
Qyain'Vek Q'Z Galactic
Milky Way (inactive) Q'Z Galactic


Qyain'Zo gates (and their warpgate brethren) generate a transdimensional shift that engulfs a fleet, instantly sending them into an extra-dimensional spacetime, where they arrive instantly at the aperture of another gate. The old Qyain'Zo gates, especially the intergalactic ones, have negative matter powerplants, a technology that the FUS has not even begun to understand.

Qyain'Zo gates can target multiple other gates, provided they have been "linked" by programming the two gates with each others' spatial coordinates. The original gates built by the Qyain'Zo are indestructible, but provided no protection against incoming vessels until the FUS developed shield systems and set them up on all warpgates. Modern gates can be destroyed, but they are extremely durable and can take multiple dozen hits from the strongest planetary bombardment torpedoes before even the shield fails, followed by just as as many hits before the warpgate is critically damaged. No modern warpgate has ever been destroyed, but a few have come close.