The Qyain'Zo were an ancient humanoid species native to the Qyain'Vek galaxy who developed gate technology, now used in the Andromeda, Clustoria, and Qyain'Vek galaxies. The Qyain'Vek galaxy was unoccupied after the destruction of the Qyain'Zo in 1681 BCE, but now seems to be the home of a species of ethereal beings.

The Qyain'Zo had an extremely advanced culture, especially on behalf of the telepathic powers that they had gained over the multiple millenia of their existence. Their handiwork has been left behind around the galaxies as six thousand year old artifacts, almost all nearly impossible to decipher and reproduce.

The technology of the Qyain'Zo has been quoted as "so advanced it could send Andromedan technology hundreds of years ahead of our time with just a tiny bit of knowledge," and "wickedly amazing!" by FUS scientists.