NBU is an acronym for New Blasterman Universe, a term used to describe two different incarnations of the Blasterman universe.


The OBU is the Old Blasterman Universe, the first incarnation of Blasterman, used from the beginning (2002) to about late 2006. The OBU was officially scrapped when the terms "hyperdrive" and "lightspeed" and related crap became total crap in the eyes of the author.


The Second Blasterman Universe was a mid-stepping between the OBU and the NBU. The SBU was used from late 2006 to mid 2007. Warp had replaced hyperspace, the old books replaced the BMA comic and two ministories, and crap was crappier. Crap was afraid of the SBU.


This is now. Crap is gone. Now it's just horrible sci-fi comedy. :D