Flibber Can

Flibber Cola -- It's "something", alright!

Flibber Cola© is the #1 soft drink in the Andromeda Galaxy and is created by none other than Vice Admiral Shooter Dude. The logo of this cola brand is similar to a penguin found in an ancient Earth article on computing.

The popularity of Flibber Cola is inexplicable: it tastes like gasoline, smells like a wet dog, and is known to cause hyper-acceleration of the spleen in all animals that have one. Nonetheless, it outsells its closest competitor, Wacko-Fizzz, by a hefty margin even though Wacko-Fizzz is both good for you and clinically addictive in microscopic doses.

Investigative reporters exploring this strange circumstance usually disappear.

Vice Admiral Shooter Dude is a very rich -- and very dangerous -- man.

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