Officer Ranks
Army Navy Strikers*
General of the Army*** Fleet Admiral*** Striker General***
General Admiral General
Major General Vice Admiral Major General
Lieutenant General Rear Admiral Major Colonel
Colonel Captain Major Captain
Major Commander Major
Captain Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Major
Lieutenant Captain Lieutenant Ensign
Lieutenant Ensign Lieutenant Ensign
Enlisted Ranks
Army Navy Strikers*
Staff Sergeant** Chief Petty Officer** Staff Sergeant**
Sergeant Grand Petty Officer Sergeant
Corporal Petty Officer Corporal
Private First Class Crewman First Class Private First Class
Private Crewman Private
* Striker ranks are like a mixture of Army and Navy ranks, being the Air Force of the 41st century.
** This rank is the last before being promoted from enlisted to officer, and requires a two week course, at any FUS academy, on command.
*** No more and no less than one person may hold this rank, per military division, at a time.