The EWS is the name given to the ESBG imperial flagship. Five ships have been chosen to bear the name since 3571, with the fifth being commissioned as the "Saidai Denryoku"jp.


ShipDatesPrevious NameEmperor(s)
EWS I3571 - 3699"Dengen"ESBG III - VI
EWS II3699 - 3822"Jikan"ESBG VI - VIII
EWS III3823 - 3997unnamed shipESBG IX - X
EWS IV3998 - 4035"Gooruden Raifu"ESBG XI (died)
EWS V4036 -"Saidai Denryoku"ESBG XII -

Japanese wordsEdit

The previous names of all the EWS generations are Romanji Japanese words (Kanji transliterated to the Latin alphabet.)

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