Evil Smelly Bad Guy Empire
Approx. 125 systems, 672 habitable planet(oid)s, 1/5 of the galaxy
Technology level
Tied with the FUS
Political system/leader
Military-run empire

The Evil Smelly Bad Guy Empire has been around since Evil Smelly Bad Guy I, born 3189, formed his own empire in the Dredles system on the opposite side of the galaxy after conflicting with the government of the FUS.


The ESBG's armed forces is mostly composed of semi-trained soldiers and specially-trained commanding officers. The armed forces are on par with the FUS forces, both technology- and influence-wise.

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Blasterman Universe

Technologies: Weaponsc - Lasers - Qyain'Zo gates - Transdimensional devices - Netlinks - ADTSes - Photon extractor - Warp drive

Notable Factions: Federation of United Systems - ESBG Empire - Kilathian Republic - Coalition Syndicate of Planets

Notable Ships: Platinum Eagle - Empire Warheading Starship

Notable People: Admiral Blasterman - Vice Admiral Shooter Dude - Captain Laserboy - Emperor ESBG - Brigadier General Aandonn

Please note that this list is incomplete.