Coalition Syndicate of Planets
Approx. 25 systems, 18 habitable planet(oid)s
Technology level
36th century FUS
Political system/leader
Dictatorship lead by the military high commander

The Coalition Syndicate of Planets is a dangerous civilization utilizing a jump point FTL system and a general technological level around that of the 36th century FUS.


Diplomatic StatusEdit

The Coalition is hostile to everyone.


See also: Ships/Coalition

The Coalition Navy is the second largest division of the Coalition Military, dwarfed only in size by the Coalition Army of shock troopers.


The Coalition Army is a massive force of shock troopers armed with electroshock laser weapons that can easily kill or stun both humanoids and electronic equipment.

Blasterman Universe

Technologies: Weaponsc - Lasers - Qyain'Zo gates - Transdimensional devices - Netlinks - ADTSes - Photon extractor - Warp drive

Notable Factions: Federation of United Systems - ESBG Empire - Kilathian Republic - Coalition Syndicate of Planets

Notable Ships: Platinum Eagle - Empire Warheading Starship

Notable People: Admiral Blasterman - Vice Admiral Shooter Dude - Captain Laserboy - Emperor ESBG - Brigadier General Aandonn

Please note that this list is incomplete.

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