Infinity Computers (ICOMP) is a subsidiary of Blasterman Corp. ICOMP builds computer programs for Windows, and writes emulators for the 9900 and 99000 computers created by ICOMP.

BSOD SoftworksEdit

BSOD Softworks is the application development side of ICOMP. The group has the same name as the company in Troy Martin's comic strip Got BSOD.

The group writes applications for Windows in C, C++, Game Maker (also useful for application programming) and HTA (HyperText Applications). In progress right now is the web browser IELite. IELite is a browser using the Internet Explorer engine, without the clunky interface and difficulties of IE.

9900 CPUEdit

The 9900 is a hypothetical 8-bit processor with a somewhat RISC architecture. There are three usable registers, X, Y, and ACC. A fourth register, KB, is the keyboard buffer. A fifth register, FNA, is on the way and will be used for specifying interrupt functions.


The 9900 is officially implemented in the 9999 computer. The current preview of technical specifications will be available soon as a .pdf.