Blasterman Adventures (BMA) is compilation of major events in the Blasterman Universe spanning mid-4060 to late 4061.

Blasterman Adventures (BMA)
Time spanned
July 12th, 4060 - December 31st, 4061
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INTERRACIAL GAY BUTTSECKS? 'Cause I'm not funny and I have self-esteem issues.

^ Not cool...


Late 2007Edit

  • Came up with idea.
  • Started draft.

March 2008Edit

  • Started writing Chapter 1. (March 7)

April 2008Edit

  • Half finished already. (April 4)
  • Decided what to do with the ending. (April 11)

June 2008Edit

  • Done. Started editing. (June 20, one day before my birthday)

April 2009Edit

  • I'm going to upload it as a PDF. (April 1)
Blasterman Books

Available online: Blasterman Adventures - Varius - Varius: Clustoria*

Not yet available: Blasterman Adventures 2

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