At first I wasn't going to write this page up, but I decided, since it is still Blasterman related, yet part of the OBU (Old Blasterman Universe) and not canon anymore, it should have a page here.

As far as I can tell, I don't have any parts of it any more. I'll do a search through my computers (and junk boxes) to see if I can find the old comics.



  • A friend and I came up with the idea for a really kewl sci-fi comic book.
  • Started drawing. (November-December)


  • Finished comic. (Mid-June, just before Summer Vacation.)
  • Wrote up into a story, added scanned-in comics. (Summer)
  • Finished entire thing. (Late July)


  • Almost six years after completing the comic, I've found a page from it. I won't post it here, since it's practically illegible, but I think I remember the main premise of the first part of the story... (April 3)