Blasterman: The Miniseries (or BMTV) was a planned YouTube video series set in 4062, after the refit of the Platinum Eagle. BMTV spawned from the failed Blasterman: The Movie project. BMTV aimed for a general PG rating.

As of June 27, 2009, BMTV has been postponed indefinitely and will be recycled into the middle chapters of Blasterman Adventures 2.



Blasterman:     Troy Martin
Shooter Dude:   Mitchell Fensome
Laserboy:       Connor Webb
Sandpat:        Brennen Taylor
Chief:          Liam McClurg
Emperor ESBG:   ???
Archon Dires:   ???


Exec. Prod.:    Troy Martin
Props Mgr:      Brennen Taylor
Special FX:     Troy Martin
Writers:        Troy Martin
                Liam McClurg
Prop Design:    Brennen Taylor
                Troy Martin
                Mitchell Fensome
Camera:         ???


Pilot: The Kilathian Incident

Main article: The Kilathian Incident

The newly-refitted Platinum Eagle tests a cloaking device and launches an attack on the Kilathians before they can attack the FUS.

When Silence Is Broken

Main article: When Silence Is Broken

The testing of experimental temporal gateways rip apart the fabric of space, creating a black hole that will suck up the galaxy.


Main article: 010101110100000101010010

The Kilathian War has heated up, and the officers of the Platinum Eagle must start thinking a lot more strategically if they want the FUS to stay around...

Chain Reaction

Main article: Chain Reaction

A highly classified mission delivered to Blasterman and Laserboy reveals a chain reaction of supernovas is going to reach FUS space really soon.


Main article: Conflict

After the unexpected ending of the previous episode, Shooter Dude has to become the new first officer of the Platinum Eagle in the middle of a full-scale war. As fun as it is, Blasterman still wants Laserboy back where he belongs... SEASON FINALE