Maybe you were looking for the Kilathian War, the long conflict of 4062?

Blasterman: Kilathian War is a Source-based mod for Half-Life 2. As such, it requires Half-Life 2 to play.


  • Health: Damage points you can take before you die.
  • Energy: A value that shows the damage absorption capability of your armour.

System RequirementsEdit

  • Any system that can support Half-Life 2.
  • Half-Life 2 is required for play (preferably the Orange Box version.)


  • Started idea work (May 2008)
  • Temporarily put on hold (June 2008)
  • Resurfaced as a Kilathian War TDS/RPG (November 2008)
    • Started writing up quests and level-XP requirements
    • New features drafted out: classes, stats, talents, weapon damage/AP, etc.
  • Scrapped everything and started fresh: classes, damage, storyline, RPG elements, text adventure, etc. (February 2009)
    • Started working on coding the game!
  • Screw it, let's just play with Source and make it a shooter, hehe. (August 2009)